About our Company

Our promise to you is an accurate, safe and hygienic pregnancy test at home. The test strips of our company are really inexpensive and most pharmacies and stores have our small kits available. If you have been sexually active and have been waiting to hear about the good news, our test-kits are the best suited for your immediate requirement. Our company has small boxes which contain multiple test strips. Do not worry or think about the cost involved in the pregnancy test. These are very reasonably priced. These test kits are available online as well so you do not even have to go to any store to buy it. The kit can be delivered to your home and you can use it in complete privacy and secrecy.

If you use any of our pregnancy test strips, do follow all the instructions given along with it. The instructions are very easy to follow. This will guarantee more accuracy. Above all our test kit is very easy to use, completely hygienic and safe.  Though 99%accurate,you should repeat the test a few times to ensure that the results are uniform. Sometimes the result may vary due to some error in following the instructions or due to some other factor. This is due to the fact that no test is hundred percent correct and the hormone HCG may be in very minute quantity to be detected or you may not have followed all the instructions correctly.

Our test strips give the most accurate results and if you get a positive resultthen go to a medical professional and confirm the pregnancy. If there is any risk or danger to the mother and foetus, that also can be checked by the doctor. This prevents any future mishaps and sets you on a safe journey towards motherhood. Our company ensures that you get to use the best possible pregnancy test kits in the market.